DIY fresh Christmas  Wreath | diy christmas | floral christmas

Diy Fresh Christmas Wreath Kit

DIY Fresh Christmas Wreath


If you like abit of Christmas Crafts then our Christmas Wreath is perfect for you,  For Memorial or Door

You will Receive :-

  • Wreath Wire Ring
  • Pine Cones 
  • Ribbon Bows
  • Moss
  • Cinnimon Stick
  • Wire Roll
  • Wire Cutters

For your Evergreen Fresh Foliage you will need to Forage ( We Love a Woodland Walk with the kids, our fav find at the moment is Conker Shells sprayed gold these bad boys look amazing )

Evergreen foliage are your trees and bushes that stay green all year e.g

  • Conifer
  • Laurel
  • Ivy
  • Hebe
  • Holly


You will receive Full instructions, AND access to Mrs Mermaids Craft Christmas Group on Facebook, where you will find Tutorial Videos and lots of DIY crafting ideas, We will also be on hand to answer any Questions 



DIY fresh Christmas  Wreath | diy christmas | floral christmas