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Artisan Florist & Wedding Design

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Your Day Your Way

I love flowers, I live and breathe flowers and Mermaids oh and Green Tea. Bit of a crazy combination I know……... but anything goes together if it is your vibe.

So hopefully the reason you have stumbled upon my Website is Your Getting Hitched... YAY CONGRATULATIONS!!....
Every Wedding, like every person, is individual. Life would be super boring if we were all the same... Right!! ...

Planning your wedding can sometimes seem like becoming entangled in an endless round of decisions – from who to invite and what to wear, to choosing a wedding venue, menus, colour schemes …… do these 3 colours match!, rings, music, photographer… the list goes on and on.

Finding the right florist and the perfect flowers can be a long journey. Let me capture your vision... Weather you have a definitive idea of your full Wedding flower design,
or maybe need a little inspiration, I am all about the fairy tale and let’s do it together!

Fresh Flowers, Dried Flowers, Artificial Flowers, Feathers, Buttons, shells ...The list is endless, and the choice is yours.

It's your Wedding your way.


4C Peel Hall Business Village 

Peel Rd 



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